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Pennsylvania Traffic Lawyer

You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone. This old saying is especially true when it comes to your driver’s license. Can you imagine how your life would need to change if you lost your license? Do you know what could happen if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) but get a traffic citation? Talking to a qualified traffic lawyer before you pay a Pennsylvania traffic ticket could help you avoid making a critical mistake that negatively impacts your future.

If you received a traffic ticket in Pittsburgh or anywhere in western Pennsylvania, contact me, Pennsylvania traffic lawyer Kelvin L. Morris. I am a trusted attorney who is ready to handle all of your concerns. There is too much on the line for you and your family when facing any legal issue, especially when you could lose your driver’s license. Call my office today to discuss how I will fight for you.

Why Is It Important to Have a Pennsylvania Traffic Lawyer Fight Your Ticket?

Going to court for a traffic violation might seem like a waste of time. You might think paying the ticket and moving on with your day is the best option, especially if you live in another state. But before taking the “easy” way out, you might want to consider the potential consequences.

First of all, paying a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt. By giving up your right to appeal, you agree to live with the consequences of admitting you were wrong—even if you weren’t. After you pay your ticket, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) records the guilty finding on your driving record and assesses demerit points on your license. PennDOT will suspend your license if you accumulate too many demerit points over a short time period.

PennDot Point System

PennDOT assigns demerit points to traffic violations and will take corrective action if you get six demerit points. The first step is a warning.

PennDOT will give you 30 days to pass a test that examines your knowledge of safe driving and sanctions for violations. PennDOT takes two points off your record if you complete these requirements within 30 days. Otherwise, PennDOT will suspend your license until you pass the test.

PennDOT requires you to attend a hearing if you acquire six demerit points a second time. After the hearing, PennDOT could suspend your license for 15 days, make you go to driving school, take a road test, or do nothing. Having a skilled lawyer argue on your behalf at this hearing puts you in the best possible position to get lesser sanctions.

You must attend a hearing if you collect six demerit points a third time. Defaulting on that hearing results in an automatic suspension of your license.

Accumulating 11 Demerit Points and Excessive Speeding

Accumulating 11 points results in an automatic license suspension. The suspension length depends on how many prior periods of license suspension you have served. You could lose your license for up to one year if PennDOT suspended your license four or more times. These suspension periods are automatic.

Similarly, driving 31 miles per hour or more over the speed limit results in a hearing to determine the appropriate PennDOT sanction beyond paying a fine or facing criminal charges. Failing to attend this hearing results in an automatic 60-day license suspension.

Clearing Your Record

PennDOT removes three points from your driving record every 12 months if you get no additional traffic violations, suspensions, or revocations. If you get your points down to zero and don’t accumulate any further points within 12 months, PennDOT will treat you as a first-time offender.

What Are the Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License?

Driving with a suspended license in PA is a crime. Pennsylvania law considers it a summary offense and levies a fine of $200 on a person guilty of this crime. You might think that’s no big deal and that hiring a lawyer to fight the charge is not worth the time or money.

However, you’ll want to consider that a second conviction for driving with a suspended license is a summary offense that carries up to 90 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. A third offense is a third-degree misdemeanor that is punishable by no less than six months in jail and a penalty of up to $2,500. Furthermore, driving on a suspended license after receiving a DUI involves a fine of $500 and jail for 60 to 90 days.

You can see how repeat offenses quickly increase the severity of the penalties. That is why it is essential to get a lawyer who can help you avoid a conviction for driving with a suspended license.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Lawyer

If you have a CDL, you likely need to keep your license so you can work. CDL drivers have added responsibilities because the vehicles they drive can cause tremendous damage and loss of life. Consequently, any conviction for violating Pennsylvania CDL laws or FMCSA regulations could disqualify you from operating a commercial motor vehicle. Even a conviction for a traffic offense while operating a personal vehicle could disqualify you from holding a CDL.

Driving without a license is a serious offense for CDL holders. You could lose your CDL permanently if you drive a commercial motor vehicle without the proper license and certification.

How Can I Help You Beat Your Traffic Violations?

I have made a career out of fighting the government on behalf of the little guy. I rely on my training and experience as a trial lawyer to get you the best result possible, and I’m not afraid to go to battle to protect your future.

I have handled traffic tickets involving many traffic offenses in western PA for residents and non-residents, including the following:

  • Stop sign violation,
  • Running a red light,
  • Driving without a license,
  • Speeding,
  • Failing to yield,
  • Tailgating,
  • License violations such as failing to wear eyeglasses,
  • Improper passing, and
  • Failing to stop for a school bus.

We all make mistakes. But these mistakes could turn out to be very costly. I can help put you in the best position to ensure no traffic offense conviction goes on your record.

I examine every facet of your case to determine the defenses that best suit you. It is important to act fast because we might be able to find a witness or surveillance video that proves you did nothing wrong. Even waiting even a few days could jeopardize potential winning defenses.

Protect Your Rights

You might think you don’t have a say in the criminal justice system. I understand why you might think that. But having an award-winning and skilled attorney like me to fight for you can make all the difference. If you’re in Pittsburgh or western PA and search for a traffic lawyer near me, you will see many results. However, few other lawyers can offer you the same level of service and dedication as The Law Office of Kelvin L. Morris. Call me today at 412-385-3553​ for more information.