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For decades, people who claimed that police violated their civil rights were seldom believed. In many cases, it was their word against the officer’s word, and they were viewed as less credible because they were a “criminal.” Thankfully, in the age of social media and smartphones, that’s beginning to change.

In the last few years, the American public has come to accept that there are a significant minority of law enforcement officials who abuse their power, racially profile, use excessive force and otherwise violate the civil rights of suspects and average citizens. If you believe that your rights (or the rights of someone you have lost) were violated by law enforcement, the Law Office of Kelvin L. Morris wants to help you seek justice and accountability.

Abuses Occurring During Police Interactions

Some of the most visible acts of misconduct occur when police officers interact with suspects and the general public. As an experienced criminal defense and civil rights attorney, I can help you expose unacceptable acts of police misconduct, including:

  • Police brutality and excessive force
  • Physically harming a suspect who is already handcuffed or otherwise compliant
  • Unjustified attacks by a police dog
  • Racial profiling during traffic stops and pedestrian stops
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Unjustified police shootings
  • Planting evidence

Obviously, video recordings typically prove to be the most convincing form of evidence. For that reason, we will work to secure cellphone recordings from bystanders, dashcam and bodycam footage from police officers, and footage from security cameras. Even if we aren’t able to obtain video recordings, however, that doesn’t mean you are out of options. I will work tirelessly to prove your accusations using any other evidence available.

Abuses Occurring In Jail Or Prison

Unfortunately, many civil rights violations happen out of public view, when victims have the least opportunity to protect themselves. Assaults in jail and prison are sadly common. I can help you seek accountability for:

  • Preventable injuries suffered while in custody
  • Assaults by police officers and corrections officers
  • Assaults and sexual assaults committed by other inmates which are allowed to happen because law enforcement fails to intervene
  • Refusing to provide inmates with medical treatment, food and other necessities resulting in serious harm

Because law enforcement controls these spaces, and because there is a culture of silence that covers abusers, these cases can be difficult to prove. But that’s not a reason to simply accept what happened. Contact my office to explore your legal options.

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